It should always be occupied with ideas that make us look ahead in life.
Only if we are happy can we inspire our loved ones to be happy too.

“Happily busy hands and a busy mind, always make joy and bliss so easy to find.”


Have a time of your life!

Today, thanks to technology, we have access to the whole world to learn from and reach out to. It is up to us and only us to pick and choose what we really want to do.

16 Summers

One of my dear friends and a very successful professional once told me something so profound and true that it altered my outlook on life in a very positive way.

Live It Up

Most people want to live A LONG LIFE and will do everything to make it happen. It is wonderful that people desire to live a long life and they hence

१६ बसंत

मेरी एक करीबी दोस्त, जो कि एक सफल व्यवसाहिक महिला भी हैं, ने मुझसे

जी भरके जियो

हमारा जीवन एक यात्रा के समान है जिसका हमें पूरा आनंद लेना चाहिए। यात्रा का

मौज और पूरी तरह जी भरके जीवन बिताएं !

हम में से ज़्यादातर लोग लंबा और सुखद जीवन जीने की चाह रखते है, और इसके


16 Summers – Enjoy your Present Whole Heartedly

Willing to Learn Constantly will keep us ‘ On Line ‘ Always

Bonds of Love and Sentiments are Universal and Simply Beautiful

Precious Treasures that Money Can’t Buy

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