Her legacy precedes her name, and her contributions to the quilting world outshine like no other – Marti Michell, a living legend. From being a homemaker and a mother, like many other women quilters, Marti Michell has carved a distinct name for herself in the quilting industry. Let’s pick up from where we left off in our last edition!

After her family had relocated to Atlanta in the 1970s, she started teaching sewing as a side gig which eventually got popular, and demand among the masses for the art increased immensely. The intense lack of 100% cotton fabrics at that time, inspired Marti to begin to hand-select and curate “quilt kits”. Hard work and sincere efforts always pay back. Soon enough, her handmade kits started getting a larger audience and led up to the moment of the birth of her company – Yours Truly! 

This was just a stepping stone in Marti’s journey! In 1977, Marti became the first one ever to machine quilt an entire quilt! Her feat was featured in the Women’s Day Magazine as “The Quickest Quilt in the World ”. Her talent is a true gift which remains unmatched! With her quilt kits and machine quilting, Marti Michell revolutionised the world of recreational quilting. A venture as big as starting one’s own company tends to take over the owner’s day-to-day life, but that was not the case for Marti Michell. She widened her horizon, and still continues to surprise us and exceed our expectations! Over time, she grew her business and started creating more than just quilt kits. Painfully aware of the incompetent resources available in the marketplace, she developed her fabric line for her patterns and kits along with notions, ruler, rotary cutters and other tools. One cannot express her relentless toil in words. Marti Michell had moulded Yours Truly catalogue into a one-stop shop for all their needs and it was no less than a dream come true!

The quilting community owes a lot to Marti Michell’s contributions over the years and the efforts which persist till date. Fulfilling both her duty as a mother and an entrepreneur, Marti continues to inspire quilters all over the globe even at the age of 83. Her name is going down in history in golden words.  Our limited words here cannot do justice to the legend of Marti Michell, tune in for the next edition for more! 

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