A Special Note

Our seniors in our lives have a very important role to play now.

In times like today, they don’t have to get worried but believe in us.

After all, as our parents, they are the ones who have prepared us to face various situations in our lives.

Their words of assurance and encouragement to us will be super motivating and energizing.

They have to keep themselves occupied and productively busy too and not just sit in front of the TV screens watching the news and getting themselves and everyone around worked up.

One of the sweetest things they can do is to write some special hand-written notes to all the people who are playing such an important role in fighting this virus – their own support team, their local health care providers – even their local General Practitioner, the compounder who works there, the staff in the local hospitals, the security and the policemen, the bank employees, the Air India crew that has been courageous to rescue Indians stranded in foreign countries…

Many of these people were not given the option to stay at home but they needed to serve and expose themselves to all kinds of people who need to come to them.

Imagine, how nice such a person will feel when she/ he receives a handwritten blessing in the form of a note thanking her/ him, even though this person is a complete stranger to the writer of this note.

The fact that someone is thinking of them, blessing them and thanking them will make these people working at the forefront feel so cared and special.

Here’s wishing that each one of us remains happy, healthy, snug and secure, always and forever.

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