Be Creative.

As you start getting things in order on the home front you will find a lot of stuff that is useless and should be discarded.

Equally, with the time at our disposal, using our imagination we could make something unique, beautiful and useful.

We could think of ways to organise our lives and declutter.

Say, using some old cardboard boxes, we could cut them into right-sized strips and place them in our drawers, to help separate our different things of utility into groups. Imagine, now you have sorted out a regular part of your life’s routine for a long time to come. So easily and without spending anything, equally recycling the unwanted and putting it to very good use.

This is a perfect way in which we are playing our responsible part to save the planet, something that has become a very critical need of the hour.

So be happy, creative and busy and make your life and the world a much better place.

Here’s wishing that each one of us remains happy, healthy, snug and secure, always and forever.