Have a time of your life!
Enjoy the Journey. The end is the ‘ FINISH ‘ line when everything gets over…
So for the moment, we have a very long way to go…
Discover, understand, learn!

Today, thanks to technology, we have access to the whole world to learn from and reach out to. It is up to us and only us to pick and choose what we really want to do.
Once you have an open mind and a positive outlook, you will be amazed at the number of opportunities that await you.
Some of us, who were born about 40 years ago or more, are truly blessed to be a part of these times. When we look back at our childhood we are surprised at the extent to which our lives have become so much more comfortable and easy…
Can we even imagine living with a single wired box phone where we would need to dial each and every digit?
All the comforts that we have access to should lead us to creative pursuits. It is important to remember that technology can never be creative and imaginative. Creativity will always be unique to the human mind.
However, we can use technology as a tool to help us achieve many of our creative pursuits with relative ease and speed ( for e.g, if I wish to learn anything, I can do so on the internet without leaving my home and often at no cost )
We need to LIVE IT UP and make the most of all the opportunities that we have access to and not just let them go by.
It is very important to realize that, it is the journey where we will make some of the most beautiful memories of a lifetime.
There is a famous saying which holds true to everyone’s life and it goes like this :

Happiness :
Is not a Destination, It is a Journey
Is not Tomorrow, it is Now
It’s not a Dependency, it is a Decision
It is What You Are and Not What You Have


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