16 Summers

One of my dear friends and a very successful professional once told me something so profound and true that it altered my outlook on life in a very positive way. I think her perspective is relevant to all the women reading this blog. Let me share her view with you.
‘ Your time with your children is about 16 summers. While your career starts from the time you complete your education and ends at whatever age you decide to retire ‘.

So enjoy your children, even if you need to take a back seat on the work front temporarily. Maybe you will need to work part-time or give up your work altogether in case you do not have a good support system.

If you have the will and the drive, you will surely catch up on your professional career very quickly!

Looking back, you will have a sense of contentment of having enjoyed the growing years of your children, leaving you guilt-free to manage to accomplish your milestones on your career path. Your children, now adults, will be your best companions who understand you & will be giving you plenty of valuable inputs and support too.

So enjoy and live up your parenting phase to the hilt and always remain in the present.

This approach will give you a strong foundation for the rest of your life. You will live with the satisfaction that you would have done all that you could to make some of the finest human beings that you brought in to this world with the right values and beliefs.

The sense of accomplishment as a successful parent will always keep you happy, and send positive vibes to your children and all your loved ones.

This sense of satisfaction is very important in your professional journey.

This is the foundation on which you will succeed in your professional career. This is your very own happy world and you have truly earned your right to be in it. You deserve and are entitled to every moment of it.