Happiness Is The Best State Of Mind

Many great spiritual leaders say that humor is very important in your quest to find God.

It is a happy mind that will be cheerful, contented and be in a light and humorous state.

A light-hearted person will be positive and charged up and will be in a happy world of its own.

Such a person will be open to new ideas and willing to learn and try out something new.

It is the unhappy mind that carries the biggest burdens and so misses out on humor completely. Such people are completely drowned in their world of sorrow and self-pity and never notice all the wonderful opportunities that presented themselves in the past and will continue to come their way. They are the ones who carry a burden of ‘ Regrets ‘ They are the ones who compare themselves to everyone else, but will rarely take any action to improve themselves.

A happily busy mind will also feel a lot more healthy and energized. An occupied mind will take all the necessary steps to stay healthy and then move on and will not just mull over a situation and brood on…

A happy person will be inspired by others, who are on their wonderful creative journeys and will equally inspire others around.

The generous sharing that happens in creative circles is something I wish everyone has an opportunity to experience.

The gain is in the act of doing and never in the act of expecting… This is the ‘ Essence of True Happiness ‘.