Live It Up

Most people want to live A LONG LIFE and will do everything to make it happen.
It is wonderful that people desire to live a long life and they hence do their best to lead a healthy lifestyle.
However, leading a healthy lifestyle is only one element of attaining a long life. The critical part is to live life to the FULLEST at every moment.

Do everything that you have always yearned to do. Make your Bucket List – this could include pursuing a hobby, picking up a sport or traveling to different places. Always stay busy and charged, ticking off items and adding more to your bucket list.

You will be amazed to discover that once you embark on the ‘ Ticking Off ‘ of the items on your Bucket List, how your quest to discover, learn, and understand will make your list grow! You will be surprised at the number of things you experience, once you earnestly start working on your bucket list. You will experience the exhilaration of accomplishment.

In my view, the fact that this list keeps growing is the real reason that the heart wants to live on and on.

Your creative pursuits are very important to living life to the FULLEST – these could be quilting, painting, dancing or anything else…

These pursuits will complete you and make you a contented and happy person. These moments prepare you to ‘ Make A Difference ‘ in a very constructive way for everyone around you. The impact of these creative pursuits will be a lot more far-reaching than you would have imagined. Trust me, these positive vibes will come back and motivate you to go on and on… in very much the same way as the wave in the vast ocean that keeps coming back to the shores..