Make some Memories

The unthinkable has really happened!

There is no choice or option but to stay at home and distance ourselves.

Now that we are here – How best are we going to utilise this time?

Will it be only by watching TV, playing games and chatting on the phone?

Or will we succeed in creating a perfect balance with our new ‘Normal’?

How are we going to try our best in creating some fond memories that we could look back to in the future?

It could be working on one’s photographs, or making something with our own hands that we will be able to touch and feel for all the coming years like a painting, an embroidery, a piece of woodwork piece… or It could be composing poetry and giving our thoughts and views a beautiful shape. Make some things for ourselves and our favourite people. These could become pleasant surprises for them.

Most importantly, it will keep us in a very happy and positive frame of mind and that’s what really matters.

Remember that with all the efforts that are being put in by the authorities, this too is going to pass and relatively quickly in comparison with one’s lifespan.

Let’s do our bit in supporting the authorities by following the orders and staying optimistic.

Here’s wishing that each one of us remains happy, healthy, snug and secure, always and forever.