Make the Most

At the end of this time, let us hope we will have a feeling of satisfaction and gratitude.

There is a lot happening which is not in our control.

Let us hope that we don’t have any regrets. Regrets that we did not make the most of this time. While our peers, family and friends chose to learn and equip themselves with various skills that will make them stronger in the coming years.

It is important that we look at this phase as an opportunity of sorts, a chance to make ourselves better and stronger.

This is the time retrospect, to learn, to enjoy, to play.

Be in the present and immerse ourselves in it completely.

A time to live these moments in the best possible way. Yes, we need to try to make the most of this situation.

We have no other choice anyway.

Remember, this too shall pass and we pray that these moments never come back.

Quite simply put, let’s accept today and take it in our stride, as the English saying goes – when life gives us lemons then let’s make lemonade.

Or a song from an old Bollywood movie written by my favourite lyricist Gulzar – ‘Aane wala pal, jane wala hai’ – each moment that will come, will be leaving too…

Here’s wishing that each one of us remains happy, healthy, snug and secure, always and forever.