DEVKI – The beauty of true passion


A strong and passionate woman is a shining beacon of light unto several other women, inspiring them to fulfil their aspirations! One such fearless woman is Devki. Born and brought up in a humble area of Delhi, Devki never had the resources to fulfil her wishes and desires. Her parents worked hard to make ends meet at home, and although she wanted to complete her education, taking care of her family and home became a priority. Her passion for sewing took the backseat. When she got married, her parents gifted her a sewing machine and she was over the moon.
Though Devki could not put it to use for another 20 years as now she had her own family and children. A mother and home-maker first and an artist second, Devki seldom had the time to think about any creative pursuits like sewing amidst her busy schedule.
As the famous old saying goes, where there is a will there’s a way! A new array of opportunities came knocking at Devki’s door as the country went under a lockdown. She finally had the time to learn sewing and realise her passion. And so after a long wait of decades, for the first time, she got the sewing machine oiled and serviced, ready to go. The wait was worth it!


Her journey of self-actualisation began with Simply Beautiful Always. She learned the basics of sewing through our YouTube tutorials. Through these self-help videos, she widened and strengthened her sewing and knowledge, and soon began contributing beautiful fabric blocks to our initiative – India’s Karuna Quilt Movement. From start to finish, her pieces were a work of art and we couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised and elated. Devki’s daughter too got inspired by her contagious love and passion for sewing and sent us painted Karuna blocks. It is rightly said, “Beautiful minds inspire others”!

From the childlike wonder of sewing to working as a freelancer, Devki’s journey has been one of passion and perseverance. Devki has discovered newfound confidence and independence working as a professional. Standing on her own feet, she is stronger than ever and ready to take challenges and live every day being true to herself and her love for the art of sewing. Simply Beautiful Always is forever grateful to be a part of Devki’s beautiful story!