Marti Michell – Trailblazer of the Quilting World

An author, entrepreneur, pattern writer, and fabric designer are some of the many hats that Marti Michell wears. Her contributions to the quilting community remain unmatched and even at 83, she is considered to be a pioneer in her field and a guide for all those who want to explore the art of quilting. In our latest segment on the quilting wiz let’s pick up from where we left off. 
Marti, apart from having a keen nose for talent and art, also had a passionate love for teaching. In 1979, Yours Truly developed a Schoolhouse event for shop owners and their staff. It was a huge success and Quilts Inc. Asked Yours truly to expand and manage it. For the last 40 years, at every Quilt Market, Richard and Marti have continued to organise Schoolhouse events. It is a much anticipated event for young quilters with attendees eager to see presentations of the newest and latest products, patterns, and notions. Schoolhouse series is dedicated to profitability through educating and providing the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge from people who make, design or write about everything quilt-related. Now, in the wake of the ongoing pandemic, quilters all over the world can access a Zoom virtual Schoolhouse! 
Marti is a master of her skill but her entrepreneurial ventures are nothing short of being highly impressive, from a small craft shop in Atlanta she built an empire that not only revolutionized the world of quilting but inspired many to pursue this form of art. Marti’s story is a testament to dedication and passion taking you places in life and we as a community would like to thank her for paving the way for the rest of us and helping our community reach new heights. 
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