My Antidote

Just like most of us, I have never experienced such a helpless and insecure feeling.

I also understand that getting anxious and worried does not have a solution or an answer, if anything I fall into a deeper hole making it difficult to come out from this pessimistic place.

Being human, it is not in my control to keep these feelings away. Keeping oneself updated with the world news is enough to sink my heart.

It is at that moment I choose to get busy, often making origami cranes with some old newspaper and counting my blessings in my heart.

Holding this paper crane in my hands does work as an antidote and I do start getting back into a better frame of mind.
This therapy helps me to surrender and believe that these times will pass. I just need to be optimistic and patient.

By the end of all this, I would have made quite a few garlands of these paper cranes.
These will be a beautiful reminder that in such challenging times, I managed to stay afloat and I created something beautiful along the way.
Yes, I did overcome one the worst phases of my life and now I am ready to soar high.

Maybe the first thing I will do is to buy some paint and paint my cranes in a rainbow of colors and keep them in a place where I am always reminded that my choice to surrender and accepting gracefully and hanging in there, did get me through.
Yes, all will be well with a happy ending.
Here’s wishing that each one of us remains happy, healthy, snug and secure, always and forever.

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