Priceless treasures

You can feel the difference in the final product between when something is made with love and pleasure versus something that was made with the approach of ‘ getting done with it ‘.

Even a little child can feel the difference between someone who is doing something for her out of true and unconditional love versus when it is done superficially.

The amount of genuine effort put in happily and enthusiastically in preparation for a milestone moment of yours will have a direct correlation with the success of that event. Your positive vibe and attitude will bring positive results and make it memorable for one and all, especially for you. After all, the success is ‘ Your Sense of Achievement ‘.

When preparing for an important event, if you are very stressed, complain a lot and have an attitude of getting done with it, you will often see that many things will go wrong and the outcome will be far from the desired one. Events like family weddings and celebrations, do mean a lot of additional & demanding work, but they are the milestone moments of our lives which can help us make memories for a lifetime. So let them be pleasant, happy and fond memories.

That is why they say that food cooked by your mother is always different from that of one made by a chef in a restaurant. Don’t you agree, your memories of the past will often be of the cake baked by your mother or grandmother and not the one bought from a bakery.

It is for the same reason that Families treasure quilts made by their ancestors.

The real value of the quilt is the appreciation of the gift of time and effort, happily put into the making of the quilt.

When you see very old quilts, you find that most of the fabrics used were actually parts of real garments that belonged to various members of the family from the past. It is this sentiment that makes them invaluable going down generations.

That is what makes a quilt, not just any ordinary quilt, but a treasure trove of so many precious moments and memories stitched together to make a valuable legacy for the family.

In a sense, those tiny bits of fabrics have bought the whole family together and that is a priceless treasure forever.