8703 | Mariner’s Compass 14 inch Template Set


6 pieces with engineered corners for perfect sewing alignment and an 8.5 x 11 step-by-step instruction booklet for as many variations as we’ve made — so far! The basic 16 Point Compass is made with just 4 templates.

The instruction booklet includes:

• • Color photos and a coloring page

•• Yardage for all positions in one block

• • Cutting and sewing 16 and 32 point Compasses

• • Making split points and “halos”

• • Full-size pattern for making a pieced center (scroll down for closeup)

• • Discussion on using mirrors to preview designs

• • Finishing instructions include line-and-turn appliqué for the center circle


• • Reverse appliqué technique for the background square.


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