Kanha / Krishna Fabric Ornaments for Baby – Theme Set


For your little one who is as special, adorable and mischievous as Kanha, dress them up to complement the occasion of Janmashtami with our vibrant “Kanha/Krishna Fabric Ornaments for Baby – Theme Set”!

– Thoughtfully curated for this special celebration of Janmashtami

– Handmade with love and care

– “Kanha Ornaments Set” Mukut/Tiara/Crown/Headband is designed to fit your kid perfectly

– Prioritises comfort with elastic strap

– “Kanha Ornaments Set” Bib/Yoke/Necklace/Ornament is a stylish baby essential

– Protects the baby’s clothes from spits, stains, drools and more

– “Kanha Ornaments Set” Arms/Wrists bands/Bracelet/Wristlet binds the combo together

– Velcro fastener to secure around the arms/wrists

– Striking vivid colours

– Eye-catching design

– All these pieces can be bought individually as well – High quality classy & elegant ornaments that are a notch above the rest and are never flashy or gaudy!


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Weight 0.180 kg
Dimensions 25 × 24 × 2 cm

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