Time for true Independence

This is the time to understand that each one of us needs to become completely independent in every way.

It is a crazy time, where even if someone wants to come to our help, it will just not be possible!

Our world that had become ‘ So Small ‘ and very easily accessible, has suddenly become ‘ Very Far Apart ‘.

So we have to learn to fend for ourselves completely.

This is as true for us as individuals as it is for any nation. We need to be as self-reliant as possible.

Today, it is a necessity and an opportunity to equip ourselves with multiple skills of all kinds.

We must understand that no job is small, it is our minds that have created a bias and graded them with levels, status and gender roles.

If we need something in a routine, then we need to be in a position to do it ourselves.

Perhaps living in a large family or having a great support system, we never needed to do it, but that should never have been an excuse to be incapable to do it ourselves. Something we are understanding very well with the present situation. After all, these chores are for our own selves or for our loved ones.

This is the time to empower ourselves in every way possible and be as complete as possible.

Honestly, each stage of learning and equipping ourselves will be so empowering and will give us a true sense of liberation.

I am sure that some of the activities will leave us wondering as to why were we depending on someone else all this while?

Let us go for it.

Here’s wishing that each one of us remains happy, healthy, snug and secure, always and forever.