Time to do it ourselves

Hands-on learning is very different from watching someone else do or make something.

It’s interesting to discover the challenges one encounters when we do something ourselves, especially in the initial stages – It could be something as simple as gift wrapping a present It’s just like opening a can of worms!

Remember each expert has started with a similar journey of hard work and struggle. It’s their grit and perseverance that has got them here.

The key to remember is that when we are watching someone do something so smoothly and comfortably, it is because they have been doing that activity for a very long time and thus certain parts of the activity have become intuitive or very obvious to them.

Each one of us must be having the same feeling in activities that we do regularly. That is the reward of experience.

The first step to gaining this experience is to make a start and then hanging in. Don’t give up – more so now as you have all the time in the world.

This journey will make you understand and appreciate the efforts and the amount of learning that the experts have put into this activity.

When I watch a dancer perform, I admire the years of learning and practice that is getting translated into the beautiful performance.

Here’s wishing that each one of us remains happy, healthy, snug and secure, always and forever.