Time to find the Balance.

This event is going to leave an indelible and permanent impression in each of our minds.

For all the coming years this will be one story that we will narrate to all the children who are very young now or are still to be born in our homes.

The interesting part will be how and what we will be narrating to the children.

Will they be life lessons and how beautifully we lived during these challenging times, inspiring our children or will they be stories of gloom, sorrow and misery?

Will they be with an element of optimism showing the human resilience filled with strength, courage and the spirit to never give up?

Or will they be with an element of negativity of stories of pain, unhappiness and depression?

So, it is this present and every moment that is important.

How are we facing these times, what are the lessons we are imbibing from this situation?

How are we accepting and moving forward today, is going to be the foundation of the way the rest of our coming years will be.

One needs to look at this situation just as sitting at a potter’s wheel. In order to make a beautiful pot, we need to sit steady in one place, concentrate and focus, and give shape to the pot with our very own hands.

That is exactly the way we need to live our present – finding a balance and happiness and making the best of the given situation.

Here’s wishing that each one of us remains happy, healthy, snug and secure, always and forever.