Time to LEARN to live TOGETHER

For a very long time we have been so busy that even though we live under the same roof, we have hardly managed any quality time with one another. Now with all the time together, we will at times, be surprised as to how much the others in the family have evolved and to an extent changed.

We will find that the children have grown a lot, while the seniors have become like children. Perhaps we ourselves are beginning to get dependent on our children who are young adults.

This will be the time when we may get surprised by the different views and interpretations of the same situation by different members of the family living at home. Respect and accept these differences and points of view as each member is entitled to these.

We must live amicably and in harmony as a family with a complete understanding and empathy.

This is not a time to get into arguments, impose our views, bring in the ego, make comparisons or be envious – let us bring positivity into our home environment.

The ones in – charge at home regularly, should not be upset about the others intruding into their territory and equally the rest have to remember that until now there was someone else in charge of the home and respect that person’s role and generosity in letting us in.

Always remind yourselves, that this new normal is going to be short-lived and will pass very soon – let us enjoy it.

At home, we are family and so everyone should be equal. Now is the time, that the role divisions of the past should melt – be it cooking, cleaning, changing a light bulb, or even paying the bills or ordering online!

Think about it – if we cannot live in harmony with our own family members, how difficult we are with people at our place of work.

This is the time to learn and share skills with one another, making each one capable of being independent and self-reliant.

Remember, do not make oneself more dependent on anyone else, but just appreciate that at times someone is around to share your work with you.

From now on, when the new normal leave us, may we become a lot more independent and equally a lot more supportive of each other.

It is time to feel completely self-reliant and become a very productive world citizen.

Here’s wishing that each one of us remains happy, healthy, snug and secure, always and forever.