Together making our world colorful

Often it is a little gesture done by someone that can make ones life vibrant & colorful forever.

When I moved to Florida, 10 years ago, the cell phone I used was just a phone.

Once in Florida, my husband gifted me a Blackberry. My very first Smart phone & latest gadget available. At that time, I was very closed to trying all the wonderful features that this device had.

On one of my first visits to a highly recommended hair stylist Tina Smith, we started to have some interesting conversations.

For sure our diverse nationalities & worlds had enough to tell & share with each other.

Tina asked me something and I told her that I will need to check the internet.

She asked me why don’t I surf the net & look for the information on my new blackberry. I confessed to her that I had never accessed the net on my Blackberry.
She smiled and said then let this be your first time. That friendly nudge from her forced me to come out of my very lazy comfort zone & try to figure things out on my own.

Sure enough, by the time my hair color touch up had been done, I had figured out how to use my blackberry the way it was meant to be.

From that day onwards, I have always tried to try something new and figure out things for myself, rather than depending on others and getting too comfortable and lazy. I do agree I have a long way to go but often I find myself inspiring my peers.

On this day of the festival of Holi, I am reminded of this episode as I had gone to Tina to have my first hair color job done in the US. We both were of different color, race & nationality, but our diversity melted away so quickly and we could relate with one another on so many different fronts.

The festival of Holi always makes me very happy. I feel that when we whole heartedly immerse ourselves in all the vibrant colors, then all our differences of age, religion, caste, creed, color just melt away & we unite in celebrating together, having a time of our lives.

Tina gave me that boost of self confidence that never left me since then. Her gesture opened a whole new, beautiful & colourful world for me. A world that today, I can’t even imagine living without. Thanks to her I got the confidence & I have added some of the best colors into my life.

Here’s wishing each one A Very Happy Holi & may you all become a catalyst in adding true & beautiful colors in your life & in the lives of all around you.