With February 14th around the corner, the Valentine’s day mood is all around.

Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings one can experience. It’s way beyond just romantic love. Love is everywhere. The timeless love between parents and children, between siblings and family; it is purest in relationships of choice – in the bond between friends, neighbours & at times between certain teachers & their students. It’s what makes people happy and motivates us to always seek the brighter moments of life.

I recently attended India’s first International Quilt Show in Chennai. It was an incredibly inspiring day and I enjoyed every second of it. The level of positive energy was palpable because each person was truly happy. Most of the quilters were meeting each other for the first time but they were so excited to generously share their ideas and techniques with each other!

It was at a quilt show like this one that my ‘ Simply Beautiful ‘ journey began. I understood the importance of being eternally consumed in a hobby one truly loves. To me, it’s such passionate hobbyists who exemplify the purest form of love and I feel truly blessed to identify myself as an equally crazy-in-love creative girl.

Busy hands & a busy mind always make joy & bliss easy to find.
A beautiful way to always be in Love…

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