Win Win Situations

Every creative pursuit of ours creates WIN WIN situations in so many different ways.

While pursuing something creative we are in a happy state of mind, brimming with enthusiasm and excitement. This is infectious & our loved ones get charged too as they get the good vibes. This, in turn, makes our surroundings a wonderful place. In my opinion this is the best way to keep our favorite art forms alive.

On the other hand there is an entire economy that provides all the basic raw materials and tools – the essentials to make our creative journey fulfilling and happy. This provides a means of livelihood to many.

Did you know that Quilting has played a very important role in the history of America?

I am told that quilting was one of the first community projects that women embarked on as a group of new immigrants from different parts of Europe.

An American Quilter once told me that the social fabric of America is woven with countless hours that the quilters spent, sharing and making quilts together.

This is the reason that Quilting occupies a permanent place in  American history.

There is a treasure trove of memories and stories that you discover when you speak to American Quilters.

You will find quilts at a lot of the famous landmarks in the US. The Memorial Towers in New York boasts of an amazing huge handmade quilt which has blocks made by different quilters from all over the world.

And thus the quilting legacy goes on…